Fashion Line

Room diffusers for a style that is always fashionable.
The shapes of these ampoules have been obtained from crystal bubbles. Entirely handmade, they are in glazed ceramic, with a wide range of colors that can be adapted to any environment.

The cap and the workmanship of the details is in galvanized gold or ruthenium brass. The closure allows the conservation of the fragrance.

Exclusively made in Italy.

Product Description

Polished glazed ceramic ampoule, also in Magnum version, with brass headband, galvanized gold finish, including fiber sticks, refill of 250ml or 500ml perfume chosen from the aromatic of the Maya Design line of fragrances.

Available colors: white, black, cream, coral red, cherry red, dark cocoa, ash gray, lilac, lemon yellow, apple green, light blue.

Dimensions (about): 115mm diameter, 100mm height.
Dimensions Magnum ampoule (about): 175mm diameter, 185mm height.

SKU: FR0004.