The Fragrances

The Maya Design fragrances are born along an olfactory path of emotions and harmonious notes, purely natural essences, inspired by the search for tastes and flavors of the Tuscan lands, making the product a niche fragrance.

An olfactory range of fragrances contained in fragrant pomes ranging from light to very intense and from fruity to sweetly floral.

Wisely selected, these five fragrances, different from one another, distinguish the environment and make it a trendy style.

Product Description

Duration of the fragrance

A capacity of 500 ml can last from 6 to 9 months for a floor area of 10-15 sqm, while the 2000 ml can last up to 2 years and is suitable for areas of 30-40 sqm. To consider the variability of the data as the incidence is due from how many times the sticks are turned and the temperature of the place where the room perfumer is placed; not only the heat source can affect the life of the product, but also the air conditioning.


Exuberant and powerful, SestoSenso is enveloped by warm notes with a hint of sour sweetness, a fresh and fruity fragrance, with a flowery and woody heart that soften the intense top note keeping a penetrating and intense result with a musky and musky bottom.

Olfactory Family: Flowery, Fruity.
Top Notes: Grapefruit of the island of Sicily, Black Currant, Melon, Orange, Paraguayan Melangola, Cardamom.
Heart Notes: Violet, Lily of the Valley, Turkey Rose, Vetiver, Peach.
Base Notes: Indonesia Patchouli, Borraccina, Honey, White Musk, Vanilla.



Elixir for concentration, citrus scent affects the relaxation of the body and mind, so ZeroZenzero is born a mix of citrus and cinnamon essences that stimulate the mood to give harmony and a pleasant sensation of balance and panache.

This mix of citrus fruit is inspired by the Limonaia of the Boboli Gardens where Cosimo III

gave birth to the largest collection of Renaissance Citrus fruits.

Olfactory Family: Citrus, Spicy, Woody.
Top Notes: Litsea Cubeba, Canella, Rose Petals, Peach Flowers, Sicilian Lemon.
Heart Notes: Precious Woods, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood.
Base Notes: Cedarwood, White Musk, Amber.


The UnoUnico fragrance is composed of notes that recall the taste of the renowned Tuscan wine, aromatic, amiable effluvium, pleasantly enveloping, intense in all its facets, based on essences of red grapes, cinnamon and cloves of Garofano. Perfume with a royal and antique flavor.

Olfactory Family: Fruity.
Head Notes: Apple, Raspberry.
Heart Notes: Exotic fruit, Red grape, Peach.
Base Notes: Honey, Vanilla, White Musk, Orange, Zagara from Morocco.



For those who love living in a refined environment that takes us far in time, you will find OttOttavi, the best answer, as a fragrant composition. The dominant note of Pomegranate is expertly measured with notes of the old perfume tradition such as sweet myrrh, the basis of many classic fragrances and a symbol of passionate love and protection.

Olfactory Family: Fruity, Spicy, Woody.
Top Notes: Pomegranate, Raspberry, Rose Wood, Cloves.
Heart Notes: Plum, Sweet Myrrh, Incense, Precious Woods.
Base Notes: Indonesia Patchouli, White Musk.



Like crystalline water, VentiVele is a light and intense fragrance based on essences of Cedar and Seaweed, skillfully mixed with notes of citrus peel and green notes for a pleasantly fresh result, reminiscent of the light breeze of the wind carried by the sea.

Olfactory Family: Citrus, Fresh, Aquatic.
Head Notes: Cedar, Seaweed.
Heart Notes: Citrus peel, Cedar leaves.
Base Notes: Green Notes, Sandalwood.