Charming Line

These ampoules want to pay homage to the smelling pommels that Caterina de ‘Medici, daughter of Florence and sovereign of France, used to wear.
Entirely made in Italy by artisans with the ancient technique of master glassmakers, the diffusers are in blown crystal with gold or silver drops, the details processing with the cap is in galvanized gold or ruthenium brass.

The closure allows the conservation of the fragrance.

Each piece is unique and different from each other, just like the environments that will host it.

Exclusively made in Italy.

Product Description

Ampoule in blown crystal with scales in gold or silver and closing cap with gold chain or galvanized ruthenium, including fiber sticks, 500ml refill, a choice of the five aromatic of the Maya Design fragrance line.

Dimensions (about): 118mm diameter, 112mm height.

SKU: FR0008.